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Drawn to Design

Holding a lifelong love for art and design, founder and the creative force behind Lounge & Linger, Soraya, cites her upbringing in Beirut as her schooling in seeking out vibrant objects rich in sentimental value. She began her career perfecting the art of arrangement working as a florist in London whilst studying Anthropology at Goldsmiths University. Flowers sparked the love for tones and textures and paved the way towards interiors and home furnishings. Lounge & Linger began as a furniture hire company in 2014, supplying interiors for the hospitality industry, TV, Film and working along side companies including Soho House, Claridge's and Harper's Bazaar where strong creative relationships were established. "Our philosophy is to create and design interiors for our clients, that gather together aesthetic and functionality. Our Interior design is boutique and personal, warm and eclectic". We have now immersed our way into designing interiors for clients, both home and commercial settings.
Founder, Lounge & Linger Ltd]

Our Philosophy 

Design can direct every aspect of our lives in so many ways. It can be subtle, or impactful. Either way, aesthetics influence how we feel. Gathering objects from our life journey and adding them to our home, is an extention of who we are and reflects how interiors matter


Your home tells the story of who you are, with a collection of what you love

Nothing makes us happier than finding new treasures and adding them to our collection. Drawing on current trends, but more importantly, allowing our aesthetically lead hearts and eyes to lead the way on what we bring into the house of L&L. Adding the individuality that every home and inviting space craves. 

At Lounge & Linger we offer a personal interior design service. We Our roots and foundations are in the creative and hospitalilty industry beginning and. . e are a tiny company with a big heart iand. we make you and your home the focus of what we create with you. Our mission is to make anything and everything possible.